Prof. Rhea Liem receives SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2020-21

Prof. Liem has received the School of Engineering (SENG) Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2020-21. The SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award is presented annually to a maximum of four faculty members who are able to demonstrate consistent excellence in undergraduate teaching, foster students’ interest in advanced subject matter, and develop innovative pedagogical methods to enhance engineering education for undergraduate students. One of the recipients of this award is then selected to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award. 

This is the second time Prof. Liem has been selected for the SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award, which represents her devotion to teaching excellence. Apart from consistently scoring high in teaching evaluation, she has supervised students under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), and one of her students won the undergraduate research award in 2020. She is currently leading two Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects (TLIP), funded by the Center for Education Innovation (CEI), to develop an integrated aircraft design platform suitable for undergraduate education (AeroMDAO). Prof. Liem is also dedicated to promoting STEM education and aerospace engineering knowledge to younger learners.   She was appointed as an advisor for the Hong Kong Aerospace Leaders Association. She is also an advisor for the publication of “Learning STEM with Aviation” textbook for secondary schools. Her contributions on teaching have also earned her the University Grants Committee (UGC) Teaching Award 2021 under the category of Early Career Faculty Members the same month.